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Calendar Stones

22 October
I leave, leaving a mountain of cigarette butts
the miles of days
and a million fools.

If I've friended you it's because you're one of the wonderful IRL people I've known for years or you're someone I know and/or admire on LJ. Friend or de-friend at will!
My full name scrambles to "Shady Yank Aura." Guess I'm a real American now.
3dmodeling, american gods, anime girls need improvement, drawing, ea are bastards, eyeshield21, freegainsm, gardening, georger.r.martin is a perv, go, good fic, maine coon cats, maya, pratchett, robin hobb needs beta, secondhand clothes, spn, stargate atlantis, unionize the gameindustry already, why yes female-engineers exist, zbrush